Ethiopia, Sidamo Coffee 227g
Ethiopia, Sidamo Coffee 227g
Ethiopia, Sidamo Coffee 227g
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Ethiopia, Sidamo Coffee 227g

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Bean variety: Bourbon
Tasting notes: A full rounded mouthfeel and lower-toned fruit notes - peach, apricot, orange and raspberry.
Region: Sidamo
Altitude: 1,400 metres
Coffee type: Washed Arabica
Soil type: Rich volcanic soil
Shade trees: Acacia, Albizia, Cordia, Euphorbia, Sesbania
Annual rainfall: 1,500 mm
Average temperature: 15-25°C
Crop period: November to January

The Sidamo coffee beans are mixed, small-to-medium, round, hardish, Bourbon type and have good-to-good/fine quality. Within the region of Sidamo lies the valley town of Yrgacheffe which has been prized by coffee blenders since cultivation began after World War II.

All our coffee beans at Harris & James are small batch pan-roasted, ground to order and shipped as soon as possible to ensure you enjoy the freshest of brews.

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