Banoffee Pie Chocolate Bar
Banoffee Pie Chocolate Bar
Banoffee Pie Chocolate Bar
Harris & James

Banoffee Pie Chocolate Bar

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Our finest caramelised white chocolate has been combined with the archetypal deliciousness of banana and toffee to offer this sublime Banoffee Pie Chocolate Bar.

A state-of-the-art take on the nation’s favourite pudding, Banoffee Pie, this delightful chocolate treat has been carefully handcrafted to include real banana pieces along with rich chocolate brownie chunks. Truly an explosion of flavours that will indulge even the most sophisticated of palates. 

At Harris & James, we are passionate about quality and sustainability. We do things very differently. H&J cacao beans are ethically sourced ensuring that the partnerships we enjoy with the cacao farmers and co-operatives are more than fair trade. Our handcrafted, small batch bean to bar processes ensure that we can procure the very best quality organic beans. An exceptional calibre of chocolate is then created - very different from the rest.

  • Award-winning caramelised white chocolate
  • Banana pieces
  • Chocolate brownie chunks
  • Handmade by us in Beccles
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • 100g of pure heaven

Our Banoffee Pie Chocolate Bar is part of our Inclusion Bars range which are cleverly moulded into the shape of a Union Jack on one side. If you are looking for an extraordinary chocolate delight for a birthday or a special occasion, or just something for you to nibble on whilst snuggling under the duvet watching your favourite box set, then this lush Banoffee Pie Chocolate Bar made with award-winning white chocolate will give ultimate satisfaction and definitely quench the chocolate thirst!

There is nothing better than to share and spread the love for Harris & James' award-winning chocolate creations. If you like our Banoffee Pie Chocolate Bar, you might also like the other Harris & James Inclusion Chocolate Bars in this range. Or see our full product range by visiting one of our Harris & James Stores across Norfolk & Suffolk.

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