Brazil - Santos Coffee 227g & 1Kg
Brazil - Santos Coffee 227g & 1Kg
Brazil - Santos Coffee 227g & 1Kg
Brazil - Santos Coffee 227g & 1Kg
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Brazil - Santos Coffee 227g & 1Kg

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Bean variety: Mundo Novo/Catuai
Tasting notes:
This strictly soft coffee has a fine cup with a light acidity, medium body, well balanced with chocolate notes and a nutty aftertaste.
Cerrado, Brazil
900 - 1200 metres
Coffee type:
Unwashed Arabica
Soil type:
Clayish, rich volcanic soil
Annual rainfall:
1,400 mm
Average temperature:
Crop period:
May to August
Total area:
11,228,956 hectares
Coffee area:
160,000 hectares
Annual coffee potential of the region:
5m bags

The Cerrado is Brazil’s second largest eco-system after the Amazon Rainforest and is also threatened with imminent destruction, and with only 1.5 per cent of the Cerrado area protected it means that its survival depends on private conservation efforts such as in the case of this sustainable program. Like the Amazon, it is a biodiversity ‘hotspot’ that hosts an astonishing diversity of species, many found nowhere else on earth.

All our coffee beans at Harris & James are small batch pan-roasted, ground to order and shipped as soon as possible to ensure you enjoy the freshest of brews.

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