Ethiopia  Lekempti, Wellega 227g
Ethiopia  Lekempti, Wellega 227g
Ethiopia  Lekempti, Wellega 227g
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Ethiopia Lekempti, Wellega 227g

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Bean variety: Indigenous
Tasting notes: Intense fragrance with mild aroma and sweet notes, medium acidity and rich body, nice lemony with fruity aftertaste.
Location: Southwest Ethiopia
Region: West Wellega
Altitude: 1,800 to 2,200 metres
Coffee type: Unwashed Arabica
Soil type: Rich volcanic soil
Shade trees: Acacia, Cordia, Euphorbia, Sesbania
Annual rainfall: 1,500 mm
Average temperature: 15-25°C
Crop period: November to February

Arabica coffee has its roots in Ethiopia and the West Wellega area produces a fine unwashed coffee, which is increasingly praised among roasters. Over 90% of coffee in this area is produced by small producers with the vast majority of the production being organic.
All our coffee beans at Harris & James are small batch pan-roasted, ground to order and shipped as soon as possible to ensure you enjoy the freshest of brews.

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