Award Winning House Blend Coffee Beans Subscription Packs with Free Delivery
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Award Winning House Blend Coffee Beans Subscription Packs with Free Delivery

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Welcome to Harris & James Coffee Roasters! Our convenient Award Winning House Blend Coffee Beans Subscription Packs benefit from free shipping and contain eco-friendly bio packaging along with our Great Taste 2-star Award Winner House Blend coffee beans.

Our tasty coffee is small batch hand roasted to order, then packed and shipped on day 1. Our unique degassing solution cleverly ensures that the unwanted CO2 is released from the beans during postage and the beans arrive on your doorstep ready to drink in just 4 days from dispatch. 

Our slow roasting process ensures that each bean is perfectly roasted to bring out its full flavour and aroma. The result is a barista-quality coffee that's sure to impress. If your current coffee is dark roasted and glistening with oil on the surface of the bean, this is likely why your coffee is tasting excessively bitter and burnt. Over-roasting coffee beans essentially turn the cellulose fibres into carbon – the same thing as the char on your food when barbecuing. With our subscription pack, you'll never have to worry about burnt beans from the supermarket again.

At Harris & James, we are passionate about quality and sustainability and we do things very differently. All H&J coffee beans are ethically sourced ensuring that the partnerships we enjoy with the coffee bean farmers and co-operatives are more than fair trade. 

What's great is that the costs saved from our eco-friendly packaging has been passed directly onto you, making these Award Winning House Blend Coffee Beans Subscription Packs excellent value for money. So don't delay, you can choose to have your packs delivered weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly depending on your consumption preferences. So add a subscription to your basket today - and start enjoying delicious, fresh Harris & James coffee every day!

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