Region: Sierra Madre de Chi- apas, Northern Chiapas and Southern Tabasco province, Mexico

Variety: “Tabasqueño” acriollado landraces

Source: Social enterprise

Fermentation: Fully controlled Tabebuia wooden box system over 5-6 days

Flavour Notes: Mild and harmonious. Notes of spices, cocoa, and sweet fruit

Certification: Organic

Hand crafted, small batch, bean to bar chocolate made from the beans of farmers at the foothills of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas Mexico, the Land 
of Enchantment. The beans are harvested, fermented and dried with care to produce exquisite cacao which highlights their pro le and flavour notes in harmony with the rainforest that they call home. The Sierra Madre region is the only place in the world that can claim 4000+ years of uninterrupted cacao farming and consumption, making it a hotspot for colourful cacao strains.