Christmas Christmas Festive Individual Chocolate Selection Box
Christmas Festive Individual Chocolate Selection Box
Christmas Festive Individual Chocolate Selection Box Mince Pie, Cranberry Sauce, Stem Ginger
Harris & James

Christmas Festive Individual Chocolate Selection Box (12)

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If you're looking for a luxury chocolate Christmas gift, then look no further than our Festive Individual Chocolate Selection Box. These handmade chocolates are created at our chocolaterie in Suffolk using our award-winning bean to bar chocolate and only the finest of seasonal ingredients to make 3 distinctive and colourful varieties that evoke the traditional flavours of Christmas.The Christmas Festive Individual Chocolate Selection Box contains 12 speciality chocolates – 4 each of:


  • Cranberry Sauce Chocolate – Our finest high cocoa white chocolate has been combined with single-origin Madagascan cocoa butter to create a base for this delicious festive treat with the only other ingredient being sun-kissed
    freeze-dried cranberries.
  • Stem Ginger Chocolate – Indulge in the rich allure of our finest 70% dark chocolate, artfully infused with tantalising pieces of crystallised stem ginger. This exquisite chocolate harmoniously combines velvety cocoa notes with a fiery ginger zing.
  • Mince Pie Chocolate – Savour the delightful blend of creamy milk chocolate and delectable mince pie inclusions. This enchanting chocolate delivers a heavenly combination of sweet chocolate, shortcake biscuit crumb and festive spiced fruit.


Harris & James are proud to be a Bean to Bar chocolate maker. We source our cacao direct from trusted growers, offering above market rate to get the best cacao beans. This means we can roast at lower temperatures, giving our chocolate a more full-bodied flavour, imbued with the natural character of the growing region. Only 1% of chocolate globally is made this way, but we think it is worth the effort. Why? Combined with our small batch, artisanal process, this makes decadently smooth, rich, flavoursome chocolate, leaving a delicious taste in your mouth and a smile on our growers’ faces. It’s chocolate for chocolate lovers.

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